How we work

We’re not just translators, we’re also cultural mediators, helping our clients succeed in a foreign market. We translate using our knowledge of language, culture and subject matter, always looking at the bigger picture and the meaning behind the text. Whereas we respect the original and stay faithful to its meaning, our primary goal is to create a translation that doesn’t sound like one, and that reflects the tone a German and an English audience would expect.

Very often translation also includes improving the German or English original text if the writer didn’t put down his thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise way, or if the text was written by a non-native speaker. The latter happens almost exclusively in English as non-native German speakers don’t tend to write texts in German, given the complexity of German grammar!

What you can expect when you work with us

As independent professionals, we are your first and only points of contact. If you need to contact us you can get through to us directly. This makes communication fast and easy, resolving matters quickly.

We don’t subcontract our work, which means that we always carry out translations ourselves, building knowledge about your company and your products with each job.

Establishing and maintaining an open, honest and friendly working relationship with our clients is very important for us, as is a no-nonsense approach. Agreed deadlines are no empty promises and we openly communicate about what is possible and what isn’t. Finding a satisfactory solution for our clients is one of our main goals. Having worked in a corporate environment within various teams in the past, we do understand the pressures and challenges that come with those environments, and that sometimes plans change. We’re flexible and happy to adapt to them. We’re team players.